Stoikite House

Stoikite House; Stoikite, Pamporovo

” Wow! It is lovely!”
…is what people tell me when they see Stoikite House sitting up high and proud in the heart of Stoikite Village.

“What made you choose Bulgaria and why Stoikite, Pamporovo in the Rhodope Mountains”?

The Dream: Stoikite House

Ever since I was a small boy, I dreamt of creating something special.  Perhaps I looked at buildings differently than other kids my age, wondering, “Who built them and who decided what they would look like?”

Then I began to be interested in the physical building of something.  I enjoyed the process-getting in there, rolling up my sleeves and getting my hands dirty as I worked weekends with my father rebuilding/restoring our family home.  At 19, I purchased and restored my own derelict cottage.

Back then, I think, without even knowing it, I was learning about detail and what it took to create a space people wanted to be in.  You see, what makes it real for me are the details-from the oak beams of my cottage to the stone work and wood burning stoves at Stoikite House.

Building something from the ground up and blending the modern and traditional together sympathetically and with care, creates the most amazing effect.  This was my inspiration for building Stoikite House.

Stoikite House

A typical view of the Rhodope Mountains

Before I decided to build in the village of Stoikite in the Rhodopes, I had considered some kind of project in many other places in Europe and the USA and Australia.
They are all beautiful, interesting, warm and friendly in so many ways but the Rhodope Mountain Region is just…well…special.

It is a breathtaking place to ski and offers a plethora of outdoor activities and many interesting places to visit in the warmer months.  It is safe, charming, has a great culture, and full of historyIt is a truly fascinating place.

But I think above all, I grew to love it for the people. They are warm and genuinely friendly.
I have found somewhere I could feel at home (a home from home).

But why not come and see for yourself!
I have just the place for you to stay! 😉