Hello and welcome to our website!

Why 55hugs.com? It is simple, really. Stoikite House is number 55 on the street and ‘hugs’ stands for ‘Happy Unforgettable Great Stays’.
…And hugs are warm and cosy, which is how we like to think our website and our apartments will make people feel.

Besides, it just makes us smile.

We think we have created an interesting site to ‘visit’ which reflects the real thing: Our beautiful Stoikite House, a lovely new building nestled deep in the breathtaking Rhodope Mountains.  So grab cup of tea, get comfortable and explore the pages of our website, which we hope contains everything you might like to know about when searching for the perfect place to stay and play.

Now that we have your attention….

Come experience this beautiful mountain region for yourself from a base that we think you will find very comfortable. Built to reflect the traditional architecture of the area, yet modern, light and cosy for your special stay, Stoikite House sits proudly in the heart of the village. All the ingredients are here for a fabulous holiday. This is truly a captivating part of the world with the right balance of outdoor activies, entertainment and relaxation in every season-skiing in the winter and hiking, biking, climbing, horse riding and cave exploring during the rest of the year.

So what are you waiting for? BOOK NOW, throw some things in a bag and come visit us!

We are looking forward to showing you what we (and this stunning region) have to offer you. We hope you make this your next holiday destination. You won’t be disappointed!

Thanks for stopping by!