Summer in the Rhodopi Mountains: Something for Everyone!


The stunning Rhodope (sometimes spelled Rhodopi) Mountains boast majestic summits, breathtaking canyons, lush meadows and intriguing caves. The conditions are superb for mountain bSummer Climbing iking, climbing and hiking in the summer months. There are biking routes varying in difficulty from a relaxing pace to a full rush of adrenaline adventure. Likewise, if climbing is your sport of choice, there are places for beginners to build skills as well as more challenging elements such as rope bridges, trolleys, etc. There are many gorgeous hiking trails for all sorts of skill levels to either natural, historical or cultural attractions. If being below the ground is your thing, why not book a caving tour? The Rhodope region has some of the most beautiful and extreme caves in Bulgaria.


Exploring the region on horsebackSummer in the Rhodopes in the summer months is a great way to experience peacefulness of the region.  Riding lessons are available with experienced instructors and well-trained horses. Experienced riders can enjoy the challenge of picking their way over rough terrain.

FLORA & FAUNASummer in the Rhodopes

The biodiversity in the Rhodope Mountains is largely due to the favourable climate and rich soil. There are more than 2000 species plants, with 90 endemic species from the Balkan Peninsula.  ‘Foodies’ can enjoy foraging for their own herbs or mushrooms to bring back to Stoikite House to create a delicious meal.

Summer in the Rhodopi MountainsThe Rhodopes are one of the few mountain ranges in Europe where brown bears and wolves still breed. The ancient forests are home to deer, elk, fox, wild goat, and other rare European species. The Rhodopes are a haven for bird lovers. A variety of species (many of them quite rare) call this region home. There are around 200 species of ladybirds and the many types of beautiful butterflies will enchant spotters and collectors alike.

For those who enjoy fisihing, there are a large number of dams and rivers in the region rich in trout, whitefish, carp and perch. Nearby, there is a well stocked artificial lake for sports fishing.  After a day on the lake, enjoy the beautiful view and cook your own fish on the barbecue.


Many come to this region to take advantage of the spa therapy in Devin, a resort town nearby. The mountain water is rich in minerals and the healing benefits are vast.

The resort of Pamporovo and the village of Stoikite (sometimes spelled Stoykite) experience a unique natural phenomenon called negative air ionization, which has many health benefits and is believed to give new strength and energy. The thick coniferous forests produce phytoncides, which make the air especially good for people suffering from asthma and chronic diseases of the upper respiratory system.


Summer HolidaysThe Rhodope Region has amazing history and culture, the region has a plethora of interesting places to visit and events to experience. The National Astronomic Observatory  is fascinating. Musical events like the Meadows in the Mountains, the Perelik Eco Jazz , and the Rozhen Folk Festivals as well as the Rocks of the Mythical Singer Orpheus. appeal to many different tastes. For those interested in geology, the Museum of Speleology and Rhodopean Karst, the only one of its kind in the Balkans, is worth a vist.


Summer Festivals

Meadows in the Mountains Music Festival

The Rhodope Region is just as beautiful in the Summer as it is covered in snow.  And there is something here for all ages and interests. Come enjoy and discover the local treasures this summer!  (PS: We know a great place to stay!)