Bulgaria’s cultural calendar covers all aspects of film and music so why not organise your holiday around one of these festivals?  Enjoy a relaxing week in the Rhodopes before heading off to enjoy a cultural experience in Bulgaria.

For film, check out The Sofia Film Fest and Love is Folly.

If music is your interest there are a number of festivals to choose from including:
Varna Summer Fest (the oldest music festival in Bulgaria)
Music Days in March Festival in Ruse
The Sofia Music Weeks
Spirit of Burgas
The Kavarna Rock Fest

Local Festivals to Stoikite House

The Rozhen Festival is one of the big festivals locally, attracting traditional singers and musicians from all over Bulgaria. A distinctive symbol of the Rozhen Festival is the orchestra Sto Kaba Gaydi (One Hundred Bagpipes). It is truly an unforgettable musical experience. The festival also showcases the traditional folklore music and dances from the Rhodope region. This event is a ‘must-see’ if you want an authentic Rhodope experience.

The village of Gela is the home of the famous Bagpipe Festival.

Meadows in the Mountains a music festival of alternative rock pop – a not-to-be-missed music event for music festival fans. Visit the website.

If you don’t wish to “rough it” camping, book with us to stay in style at Soikite House.

stage-festival“With its remarkable setting, family feel and beyond laid back attitude, Meadows is quite unlike any other festival in the world “– Clash Magazine

“Meadows in the Mountains is the actualisation of a dream that plenty of UK festivals have been trying to emulate for the past 25 years, because it is genuine, rather than trying so hard to give the illusion of genuineness. It’s the un-sanded stool to your ‘urban rustic’ Ikea Billy Chair. Rather than redefining the idea of a festival, Meadows is a reminder of what a real festival is.” — ‘Crack Magazine’ (at Meadows in the Mountains)

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